MS Office installation & activation

Office install step-by-step printable guide

In this tutorial, we will show you how to perform an installation of Office.
To do this you will need:

  • A PC with Windows on it

1. Download Office from HERE

2. Log in to Microsoft’s account

3. Enter your product key – if you don’t have a key, get one here:

4. Select Region and Language and then click on Next

5. Click on Download now

6. Locate your download file is usually in your Downloads folder. Open it by double-clicking


7. Click on Yes and the installation process will start

8. This process might take a while depending on your computer’s hardware.

9. Congratulations you were able to install Office

10. You can open your programs directly from your start menu for example by typing Word

11. Enter your product key and click on Activate Office

12. Click on Accept

13. Select the activation method and then click on Next

14. All set it is ready to use